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December 15, 2008


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Carleen Ibrahim

Sorry to hear about the payback you got for having a couple of good days! I must admit, though, that I am guilty of doing the same thing. It's so easy to get caught up in the feel good days that remembering limitations is just not on the agenda, LOL! Hope you get some relief soon.

Queen Slug

Is it wrong that I'm glad I'm not the only one? All I have to do is behave like a normal person would & wham I hurt myself.

I hope you're feeling a bit better.

Lisa Moon

I could echo Queen Slug's thoughts here...

I keep falling for it everytime; I'll get a day when I have such low pain, comparatively, that I'm so freakin' HAPPY to be able to do even chores, I start doing a few loads of laundry, maybe make myself a decent meal, etc. etc. and before you know it... wham! That wall of pain hits! For me, sometimes it's within the time I'm acting all 'normal', sometimes it's that evening, sometimes, less often, it's the next day. Well, days, because I've had a few hours of 'normalcy' turn into days of hellish torture.

Indeed, someone should invent some sort of gauge, where we can keep ourselves safely within a reasonable zone, perhaps a little yellow to get things done, but well away from that dreaded red line... sigh.

I'm hoping that I'll learn more as I become 'used' to my disorder, but since it seems to have no rhyme or reason, perhaps there's no way to learn what is 'safe'.


I do the same thing. A couple weeks ago I cleaned the carpet. Bad idea.

One Sick Mother

The disc (or whatever) is still out, but thanks to modern medicine, I am relatively functional.

I have been trying to get it back in, but when I tried to manipulate it, I got electric shocks down my spine. I guess I will leave it alone and hope it goes back itself.

No. It's not bad to feel that you are not alone.

Yes a gauge, warning sign; "red line" or similar would be awesome! They can put them in cars, why not on people? ;)

Funny you mention the carpet. I cleaned mine a few weeks ago. I thought I got away with it (no injuries), but then Joe threw up on the clean carpet! You just can't win...



OSM, thanks for this post. You are my hero. It is so true that sometimes the memories are worth the ouches later, with the caveat that we don't end up in the hospital or permanently damaged.
Perhaps one of us EDSers can come up with a magic alert button for when the light is about to turn red. Interesting observation of real traffic lights though -- some yellows are longer than others. We are all so different and yet so much alike. Also depends on the day!!!
I hope you had a Merry Christmas with your family and that the neck crick sorted itself out finally. Those ones are the worst, IMO.
Gentle hugs and warm hellos.


I didn't read the whole thing, since I was searching to hurt myself. Back to google.

One Sick Mother


I don't know if you are actually trying to hurt *yourself*, but you are clearly trying to hurt me.

I hope you find some sense and get the professional help you so obviously need.



Anonymous again. Don't take it personally (like everyone else), and the professionals just screw up.

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