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November 10, 2007


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Hi! Your blog looks great.


From one Zebra to Another~

Today is a greaT day to starT!
It may have been too much to deal with in the thick of it before, in any case, I for one would be happy to hear all your 'back stories' and your future ones as well!

The medical world is (sigh) so lacking when it comes to us zebras, I don't doubt that a vet might have more common sense insights! We have specialists for each and every part of our body~
When hey, our bodies are a complex maze of systems that entertwine and affect EachotheR! in both subtle and profound ways!

I know it took me a good 20 years to get a proper diagnosis- and the jury's out on how long it will take to get treatment now....

but I will be here rooting for you, praying for you- (May #23 be the Big Surprise - !!!!!)

and having a great time despite all~ enjoying your ***wonderful friendship*** I have to thank- you for being ~yourself~
so unique,
~so zebraeeey~

Wishing you a rainbow,
zoe (prismed)

By His Grace

I love your start here and look forward to so much more reading provided by your brilliant mind! I love your original thoughts and goodness, your blogname/user name? Purdy darn witty, I'd say!

God bless you, my friend, on your journey through this world where we aren't promised much yet we end up with profound blessings!

loveya galfriend

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