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December 23, 2007


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~ you never fail me ~
A couple of heart-felt belly laughs is more than the doctor could ever order ~ !!! (unfortunately!)

There were a few choice phrases in your post that really got me going- 'how the friends and family eventually, one way or another f**king abandon you~
Why saying something in 100 words is more fun than saying it in 10 ~ (wide grin) LOL !!!

... but the point of your post is a sobering one for me- Just What Am i supposed to accept?
and What Am i supposed to fight against being "not ok" in this saga of illness?

So I guess what I'm saying is,
(I'm really trackin' with you) I haven't found a 'new normal' and quite frankly don't know how. I tend to look to 'the authorities' on the subject- (hA! if there are any-") like a school child waiting for the cross walk volunteer to walk me across the street-
-instead of trusting what I know in my gut.

Thanks for bringing it all up- and doing so with tongue in cheek- For what it's worth, "I'm backing you" and we'll go the distance together~

All God's Best
and a wintery rainbow,
zoe (prismed)


Well shi-ot. This post was one of the few things THIS ENTIRE MONTH that put a smile on my face.

You wrote it so well....and I too loved the part: "When one is unwell, slipping into a state of permanent unwellness is an easy trap to fall into. Because let's face it: most of your friends and family fuck off and abandon you."

I have amazing thoughts that someday, those that did such a thing to us, unwell persons, will get what they deserve. Yet, I haven't figured out just what they deserve, yet.

Thanks for waking me up. I needed it.


I've got you covered babe!

In my experience, bravery often comes when you when you only have two options left. When you know that giving up is unacceptable, all you have left is choosing to be brave and keep fighting.

I'm so proud of you for not giving up, it's certainly not the easier path. But I believe there is an answer out there for you. Let's hope that #25 is the winning number.

BTW, does "Cover Me" mean incessant nagging of the Wynda variety? Cuz you know I can do that.

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