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December 12, 2007


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I love the "shopping in the middle of the night" comment! Actually, my Prince is 5 and this is the FIRST year he has really understood the idea of Santa at all, so I am working it, baby. Mostly for me, but it is such a joy to see his wonder and I just cannot wait until Christmas morning. It will be the first year, I hope, that he will have that excitement. I've waited so long for it and I don't care if he's 21 when the magic wears off. Well, maybe not that long. But you know what I mean, this is our first chance at Christmas "magic" and it means so much.

Sorry to get all mushy on you.


niki (mindriot)

what an amazing conversation. i can't help but be reminded of "elf". i laughed out loud, then read the whole interchange aloud to my friend sitting in the room and we both had a great laugh at the pureness of the whole thing. really great.

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