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January 30, 2008


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OK, Dye Guy may not be the holy grail, but he could have a piece of the puzzle. So, buy some mints, hold your nose and try to stay hopeful . . . but suspicious.

And, don't worry, I'm positive your kids will let you know if you develop an unpleasant odor of your own.

Seriously, Sweetie, perhaps you might get into the habit of carrying a little snack pack in your purse.

One Sick Mother

We'll see what comes to pass with Dye Guy (I like your name better than mine).

I used to carry food everywhere, but I guess I ate the last one. The aul purse needs an overhaul.



I love you Paula. Is there any fluid or organ I can donate to help you in any way?

I know that sounds dirty but I mean it in a real way (but also dirty)


OK the dog turd does nothing for my nausea but I enjoyed your post. He sounds like a keeper...for now. I too really think you should keep some snacks around! Are you nuts!

I used to work with a really pompous South African doctor that loved to sound of his own voice more than anything. He had gray hair around the edges but a jet black toupee. We always have the newborns under heat lamps when the first arrive in the special care nursery and I always secretly wished his toupee would start smoking or melt when he was under the heat lamps. You hair dye story just reminded me of this doc from my past. I hate pompous people....

Looking forward to hearing about the heavy metal testing,


One Sick Mother


You just gave me an idea. What if we could re-build a new me with donated body parts from my friends? Can I put you on notice for some muscle mass and a few blood cells? I would request a limb, but yours wouln't fit too well, really.

I thought an arm might be useful for reaching the salt or taking self-portraits with a zoom lens. However I don't know if I woudl fancy single-handedly (hehehe) redefining the term "knuckledragger"


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