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February 10, 2008


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I'm speechless. I think I would have the overwhelming urge to start laughing hysterically but I guess that probably would't have helped the situation. I can't believe you stayed as calm as you did.

Thank God you managed to talk the Director so quickly before you got your very own padded room.

All complaints I have about my treatment by the health care system up here no longer seem valid. Wow!!!


By His Grace

What an incredible story, and the telling was so well-crafted! I have also been there, I mean with that sense that "they" think you are crazy and YOU know that everything you are saying, although quite sane and sound, is probably edifying their uncaring opinion.

Friend, like Caroline said, I'm SO glad you are okay and that you survived this experience. Thank God that the staff realised that you are, indeed, sound of mind if not in body!

God bless you
with love

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