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May 10, 2008


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I think you have only touched on the very real and current crisis of the need to create a pediatric DSM manual. The fact that until the early-mid 20th century there was a women/children's and idiots act in parts of Europe gives rise to the riteous argument you put forth.

Oh and Les, Just because they removed childhood schitzophrenic disorder from the DSM and autism suddenly appears does not make them synonomous. The critera for childhood schitzoaffective disorder is overlapping but not a perfect thumbprint. Or perhaps you would like to argue that adult schitzophrenia and bi-polar disorder are now one and the same also. There are overlapping symptoms within many neurological diagnoses, but lets not all put them at the same family table shall we. Hmmm...while we're at it lets give vasectomies to all men over the age of 34. But wait the Amish have children well past age 34 and they have an unbelievable low rate of mental illness (see Demitri Papolos' The Bipolar Child,) and Autism. Ah, off the hijacked podium now. Mu apologies OSM!

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