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September 29, 2008


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I'd say Hope is being pretty damned audacious to get you all excited like that. But maybe, just maybe, you will be able to get your seizures under control? Oooh, I was going to tell you what Carapace uses for her migraines, since she had tried Topomax too, and had nasty side effects from that, but has done well with the stuff she is using now. But I can't find where I wrote it down. Rats. Ummmm. Verapamil? Yes, that's the one she takes everyday.

Anyway, maybe the seizures won't stop. But maybe you reduce them. That doesn't seem too much to, well, hope for.

One Sick Mother


You see, I would split hairs and say it was not Hope, but the Thoughts that have me all fired up. Yes, Hope paved the way, but by stealth (the bastard).

Thanks for that info on the migraine meds. I will ask #25 about it when I see him next week. I have a whole list for him at this point. He will be happy to see me (not)!

Is it bad to just want this week to be over so I can start treatment?


Hope burns through you and leaves you empty. I don't know what to say but that I have all those hopes for you too, only I can have them and not tether my existance to them; hope without risk. for myself, harder, eh? Hope with risk, hope without relenting. Hope extinquished.

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