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September 22, 2008


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Kerrilynn Lacerte

I have spinal issues as well. For my I have mild scolios and my spine is twisting itself. So I gather that my "clicking/popping" is the vertebra twisting rather than slipping. Hugs.


I figured that spinal subluxations and dislocations were rampant in EDS. I remember when Carapace was about 11, before the EDS diagnosis, and came home with a note from school saying they had had scoliosis screenings, and that she needed to see her doctor right away. Dutifully, I took her to the doctor that very week. He looked at her spine. He moved her around. Checked the spine again. Left the room. Came back with a book, fingering a passage as he glanced at the report from the school screening. Then he looked at me and said, "I have no idea what's going on. Her spine is fine now."

Myself, I have to recline part of the day to let my spine readjust. If I don't, I collapse all the way down my spine. But I have never said anything to the doctor about it, because, what's he going to do? When he sees me, chances are my spine will be fine. I think this is the reason that there isn't that much medical insight into our spinal problems. When we present to them, it is usually because something else has dislocated or is failing to heal in a timely manner.

About that monthly problem, yeah, nothing like a bout of cartilage-softening hormones to make wobbly connective tissue go from jello to nearly liquid, all the while inducing muscle cramps.

Queen Slug

I have tiny clicky-snaps in my neck all the time as I walk, my neck is also my most painful area. So in my neck I have some nasty EDS stuff going on. Am I getting full dislocations anywhere in my spine? No, I don't think I am, but things do shift if ways that hurt. If anything slips enough that I need it manually put back I have to get a friend to shove it back in to place.


Yup, you sound like a normal EDSer. Spinal problems are VERY common in EDS, especially the hypermobility type. My neck clicks all the time, I have bone spurs and degenerating vertebrae, and muscle spasms are so bad sometimes that I have had up to a month of cranio-cervical headaches (when your skull slides around on the spine). Not fun.
Sounds like you moved in just the right (or wrong) way that something structural shifted causing the muscles to spasm to hold the something in place. Ice or heat helps, depending on what feels better to you. There is NOTHING my pain meds can do to alleviate those muscle spasms in my neck, so it is up to my stubborn will or bed rest to wait it out. Yes, you can risk taking a muscle relaxer, which can help, but there are the obvious risks with taking them when we are so dependent on our muscles to hold everything together (rather than the muscles/ligaments).
Sorry I can't offer you better news, but you are "normal" in this respect.
Hang in there,

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