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September 27, 2008


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Send me the full citation for that scientific article and I'll try to get it for you at work. Sounds like a possible connection.
With EDS, we can be soooo sensitive to soooo many things that even subtle changes in our bodies can throw everything out of whack. Just look at our fracking monthly hormones! 99% of women don't dislocate joints or have their bodies turn into jello, but when our hormones change... splat. So, I can easily see those nasty bugs in your gut wreaking havoc on your system.
If you are not already on the message boards, get on there and look for Liza S.'s posts on probiotics (just do a search). She is a big fan and has had great results. I wish I had her resolve to find other alternatives to the chemical stuff, but I guess when you can't tolerate the fake stuff, au naturale is simply the only option, eh? I think you know that all too well. Liza also mentions syclovir treatment. I've been meaning to give that a try too... I'm just so dang lazy (or is that EDS wipe-out?).
Don't give up on seeking knowledge - you are the "expert" when in comes to your body.
Again, I love your blog. Keep up the good work and "hang in" there.

One Sick Mother


Thanks for that offer of help. I will try and find it again.

I used to post on EDNF a lot but me membership got all messed up. I *really* have to get on that...


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