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November 26, 2008


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I am glad that you had breakfast becuase you made a deliberate choice and enjoyed it fully. I am also glad that you have feeling back, but sorry about the seizure sleep.

Your life like mine is what I say, "This would be facinating scientificially, if I wasn't, you know, LIVING IT!"

I'm thinking of ya!

Lisa Moon

Mmm, what a wonderfully evocative post!

Like Elizabeth said, good for you for making the deliberate choice and enjoying it with gusto!

Made me wish for a bowl of porridgey goodness myself (no Quaker processed crap in my home, but I do cop to the rolled oats thing; I know, it's just not the same, right? If I ever come visit you, promise to make me a 'real' bowl?!).


Oooh, was it Flahavans? Honey and cream on a bowl of steaming thick and wanton Flahavans.......mmmmmm. I am delighted you fed your cold and the payoff was worth it my friend!

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