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November 26, 2008


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Newbie visiting from Andrea. A very interesting perspective. Coming from the UK and socialized medicine I certainly had that attitude. It's taken me quite a while to adjust to things out here, trying to be proactive.
BEst wishes
and Happy Thanksgiving


PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Knee And Collagen


I've only had 1 doctor, out of many, with that geek tenacity to try to figure out the problem. (My regular non-specialist eye Dr., who worked for 3 hours before she gave up and sent me to a retina specialist. She considers herself a scientist first, then a Dr.)

Lisa Moon

Excellent continuation on your fascinating part 1!

You know, I'm not actually a doctor (giggles) but I suspect that when folks enter medical school, they do so with the intention of becoming this genius scientist who might free the world of nasty diseases - or at least to help the ill by fixing their problems. Done!

Rather like I suspect that folks who enter political science at uni as idealistic youngsters(ish) intent on changing the world - or their part of it at least - by working it from the 'inside', only to find, to their dismay in many cases, that their is this *system* already set up, a system which stymies their energy, enthusiasm and great passion (if it existed to begin with)to make a real difference. (Not a poli-sci student either, just what I've gleaned from others).

Then again, I'm one of those idealistic types, perhaps, who feels the medical system and especially medical 'education' needs a serious top-to-bottom overhaul; it's ridiculous! Also, our school systems... but don't get me started! ;)



I saw that doctor!

I've been in bed for 2 years with Ehlers-Danlos, Chiari, Intracranial hypertension and 57 thousand more conditions. .

I thought I was having all of this pain due to my many subluxations throughout my neck, the herniated discs in my back and the daily joint-dislocations, TMJ, and circulatory problems, but nope!

Thank goodness the Doctor let me know I was just depressed.

I should feel better any day now.


Sounds like you need a new doctor. Many of the doctors I have seen are VERY interested in finding the cause of a problem, and trying to figure out how to help the problem, if possible. Sounds like you found yourself one of the burned out docs. Sadly, doctors are treated so poorly by the insurance companies, the hospitals, and now even patients, that a lot of them are becoming burned out and jaded.



it's all money driven. If they had to operate like mechanics and get paid only if they fixed the problem, things would be different now, wouldn't it.

I disagree with truthseker [sic]...the truly compassionate, interested ones are few and far between. You probably have never seen such a rare breed of cat, but they are the ones who do not kick you out of the office when your 15 minutes of fame have flickered out.

Perhaps part of the problem, well, definitely, THE problem is most likely insurance companies and the "specialty" system. The old GPs some of us remember who fixed warts and weak hearts morphed into specialists where they could shake their money makers and if they kept shaking them, they kept making money.

ie...if they fix you, the money stops coming in.

as I said, all money driven. Greed. The bane of the world.

If it were not for the internet and peer support thereon, most of us would never get a dx anyway. I know for myself, it has been researching and reading medical articles and seeking my own answers and directions that led to the right doctors smart enough to have a team (ala House) who go over imaging and reports and interviews with various pairs of eyes who then come up with the dx and trx plan.

I used to think, when I first started this journey 4 plus years ago, that my doctor would be up late at night like me, poring over medical articles with ME in mind. Like House.

'Cause I bet you are like me in that you don't mind the goal of the doctor who is working with you. If they dx you from compassion, cool. Or if they do it from pride (like the geek who never walked out saying, 'I don't know"), that's cool too.

Just a diagnosis, thank you. With a side order of wheat toast. no butter...

jaded? Oh yeah

great discussion, OSM!

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