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November 17, 2008


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Who could possibly lose weight eating carbs? For 30 years or so, medical science has been telling us to eat carbs in order to lose weight, and for 30 years or so, people have been getting fatter instead. Methinks medical science might try doing some actual science instead of pushing the propaganda coming out of the Center for (ahem) Science in the Public Interest.

Back when I was growing up, and people were on the whole thinner, the diet plate at any diner was a hamburger patty, scoop of full-fat cottage cheese, one leaf of lettuce and a tiny piece of fruit.


Good point, Vanub, about the diet plate. So true!

OSM, thanks for the updates...I think most folks cant believe we even live with what we say we live with...dont you?

We are THAT special!!

love you!


Heh... OSM, I get you sooo much... No wonder I feel like a hypochondriac every time I go visit my GP.

It is always a case of, I walk in, GP thinks * What is he complaining about now... Might as well start a script for anti-inflamatories *. Then, when I explain the problem to him, it is like - Blank Stare -.

Doctors are trained to help people with a specific set of problems... and you are so right. As soon as the problem falls outside that scope, they are thinking ... * Hmmm someone is either looking for attention or they are hooked on pain-killers *

On the eating front... People just cant understand how I eat so little, yet stay at a constant 69-70 kgs and that it is just not possible for me to eat more. My body just refuse to accept more food. It used to be a huge point of contention with my family blaming my Bad Eating Habits for my physical problems ... heh ... after the DX, most of them has kinda let go of that idea ... but old habits die hard.

Keep well and stay away from doctors when you have any sharp objects in your hands

Queen Slug

The more I read a few blogs the more I think it is us that have let the world down. Its obvious we are not like normal people, so far from normal perhaps I know where we ought to be, in cages at the circus, cause for all intents purposes, medically speaking, we are freaks. It seems as plan as the nose on our faces we shouldnt be taken seriously, we should be laughed at or ignored.

Ok, Ill stop now, but really I dont know what it is we are to be gaining by telling our docs about whats wrong. What is it we are supposed to get from these lies? I have dealt with this time time again from docs who I thought were great when I walked in the door met them. Docs who told me theyd figure it out help me. Docs I trusted who I thought trusted me. I know your pants arent on fire. 3

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