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November 12, 2008


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Oh, lets say the three started with the cat, and now you can breathe easy for a bit. Just, whatever you do, dont talk out loud about how much money there is left after these unexpected bills, or there will be yet another event to soak up the remnant.

Lisa Moon

SNORT. Ah, yes, nothing like waiting for those service people...
I think youve gotten your three, but do understand your hesitation to be sure the other shoe has already dropped when you didnt know you were waiting for it. Wait, did that make sense?
I have that feeling, too, like OK, these things are going well - whats the catch?!
May you be catch free. Oh, and black snot-free, too, cause that is not good.



Those sock-gremlins are nasty... Also, its weird that you mention these things, as I also used to have a tendency to ignore certain clothing... Mom! I have no clean shirts! ... But hunny, there is three in your closet! ... No! I dont like those...

Heh...wet kitty paws ... nice Water Alarm :D. Our dogs sleep in the washing room and the one day, the both of them was frantic at the back door trying to get our attention. Eventually I caved and went to see what the fuss is about. It turns out, the washing machine had overrun and theyre doggy beds was flooded with water ... meehehe ... I am sure if it wasnt for their beds being in danger, we wouldnt have heard a peep out of them

Usually the threes in our house include Me, My self and I ... Either knees, heart or eyes heh...

Speaking of black snot... I used to go through a long pahse of red snot. I used to have constant nose bleeds that would just literally pour out.


I am waiting too. Thing 1 was Eric needing dental surgery, full anesthesia, the whole 9 yards. He is fine.

Thing 2, I have been having cardio arrhythmia, not painful, but not normal. I am in the process of checking that out, looks like sleep apnea combined with a mitral valve problem. Not serious,but I am petite, in otherwise good health, dont fit the profile for apnea, this kind of rocked me. But still working with the cardiologist. Now I get to wear a Darth Vader mask to bed. Sexy!

Thing 3, suddenly found two small breast lumps. Mammo normal, sono not. Seeing the breast surgeon tomorrow, trying not to panick and hoping for the best. I feel old. I think Ill go to bed too.

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