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November 02, 2008


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Man, what a bad experience... I guess you are not going to be going back there fairly soon... I must admit, after having to buy wine for my sister the other day, liquor stores is not really set up to handle the normal public. They have a very weird way about them...

I am still trying to figure out a system of taking change from a till. My wrist braces does a great job at stabalising my wrists, but lets face it...they werent made with coins in mind. There is a certain movement I just can't make, in order to pickup change from a counter and most of the time, the counters is one of those that has a "bumper" on the side, so you can't even slide it off the side.

Thew worse is when they hand it to me and it slides INTO my wrist brace... How annoying.


I took my mom shopping Saturday, since it will be a while before I get another chance to spend time with her. All the same, it was a crappy day for shopping and I ended on my knees in line because, well, you know, they only last so long and then it's crawling time. And there is nothing like crawling time in a public place to put me in a bad humor in regard to absolutely everyone else around me. Die, die, die, you horrible wankers!

My mom didn't say anything, except suggest that she could really use some ice cream, and wasn't there a nearby Dairy Queen? OK, so it is not on the diet, but ice cream therapy was the right call. I hope cognac therapy was the right one for you.

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