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November 03, 2008


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Lisa Moon

{laughing long and heartily}

Just brilliant again! I'm so enjoying your blog and am glad to have found you!

Thanks so much for the much-needed laughs. Ahh, children... (my son falls into the area more likely to be labelled ADHD, but my vision of 'the Spectrum' includes all sorts of shades and variation, which tend to defy those narrow diagnoses. Many of my friends likely fall on that same Spectrum somewhere... and I find them the most interesting, brilliant and yes, sometimes frustrating and always wonderful friends.

I was always afraid my Boy Child might not 'make it' due to his disregard for certain matters many consider important and his willingness to be TOO friendly, which could be off-putting (he didn't put on the faux-cool attitude kids must learn to fit in by middle school). I'm pleased to say, at 16, that he's a really exceptional young man with some very exceptional young friends.


This was priceless!

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