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November 21, 2008


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What is it about ERs not bothering to check women for kidney infections? I know of at least two women who were turned away from different ERs, who had showed up with high fever and severe abdominal and back pain, were given tylenol, and sent home. And they would have died except that in both cases, men who cared about them threw them back in the car and went back to the ER and raised holy hell until someone came out and actually bothered to look at them.


I was talking to a daycare child's mother who is from Smithtown originally (dh is from Hauppague so we were yakking). She was in the North Tower when the plane hit, and she and her entire family (in-laws too) have had illness since then. She is currently in a study. I know it was a few years since '01 that your symptoms worsened, still the body can only fight for so long, kwim. Just a thought that I'm fairly sure you've already thought yourself my friend.


One Sick Mother


Good point about 9/11. I was midtown then and had no reason to go downtown for many months. I don't think I am impacted. There was this guy with whom I used to commute, tho...

I do have access to a quack, #26 AKA Dye Guy, who has offered all sorts of whacked out shit including chelation. Despite my above description, I have not ruled out this possibility. It is stuffed in the drawer marked "Desperation" I just have a strong gut feeling that what I have is not a 9/11 thing and not a heavy metal thing.

I could be wrong, I suppose, but you know my feelings on gut feeling.



I am not siding with ER's but you must remember that most of the time patients are coming in for things that ARENT emergencies and a lot of the time that people have certain symptoms, it is only a kidney infection, for example. Also, the people who are there for silly annoying things that can wait to be seen by their PCP (primary care physician) are taking up time and space from others who are actually ill. No human is perfect, even doctors, they will make mistakes too. They aren't God and won't be able to correctly diagnose everything to a T. From my own experience in the medical field, there are millions of things that can go wrong with the body- some that we are just learning about. It is harder than you think to make a diagnosis so give doctors a little more respect.

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