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December 25, 2008


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May this turn out to have been, retrospectively, the best Christmas ever.

I've spent a great deal of it wiped out myself. My daughter thinks it's the front that is sitting on top of us. Hope so, because I've got plans!

Lisa Moon

Oh, my, that does sound like a very difficult couple of days! Like Yanub suggests, hopefully it will turn out to be worthwhile in terms of some diagnostic answers.

I hope you're able to rest up as much as possible now, at least for a day or two! I'll be thinking about you and hoping there's some good news coming for you very, very soon.

Happy holidays of all sorts.

Carleen Ibrahim

Sorry to hear that you had such a "seizureful" Christmas!

Not sure why, but eating is one of the most consistent seizure triggers that I have. Like your other readers, I hope that you'll soon have some answers and good news coming your way.

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