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December 06, 2008


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OK, now I have to look for the entry about the Verizon guy.

Hey, are your teeth generally horrible? Riddled with holes, crowded, missing in action, etc? Mine are pretty bad, my mom's and my daughter's both so awful that they hardly qualify as teeth and could just about be replaced with Necco wafers.

One Sick Mother


The Verizon guy story never made it here, so don't bother looking for it. I should probably post it, but that will mean posting a bunch of *other* stories first so you have the background. We lived that whole last quarter of '06 pretty firmly in the Twilight Zone.

Actually, I have pretty good tooth enamel, and my upper teeth grew straight without assistance. Joe inherited my enamel, but Grace got hers from her Da, which means she is 8 years old and already has a mouthful of fillings. (Joe has none). It is unfair, really as she is the more dilligent brusher/flosser. But as you and I well know, genetics are seldom fair.

Queen Slug

Ok, now you do have to post the phone guy 911 story or I will absolutely die of curiosity.

Glad to hear the tooth doc visit went well. I loath the tooth docs & just don't go until the agony out weighs the fear. I made a poor choice of not checking if dentist can give IV meds before I moved here & since gas & novocaine don't do anything I don't go. If I ever leave this state it will be to go to a state where they can.

Lisa Moon

Whoops, so sorry. Am just catching up on my blog reading (you know, all that moving and unpacking to distract me, drat it) and just read your post...

Happy Belated Bloggiversary! {sings a little song. well, not really, but I can say that in a comment and spare you my actual singing, therefor it is somewhat humourous, no?!}

Hope by now your hole in the head is nicely healing. Hey, then again, perhaps in the last 1.5 weeks you've gotten a diagnosis? NO? Gah!

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