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December 27, 2008


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Must have been disappointing to the person looking for tips on self-destruction to learn that it helps to start out with genes from the factory-seconds store. I'd take mine back, but I appear to have lost the receipt.

Lisa Moon

Very interesting post, as yours generally are. :)

I was reading some of your links to former posts and found them quite informative.

My son, gangly teenager that he's become, has weirdly long toes and arms and legs; made me wonder if there's more there than just a gangly, almost 17 year old.

Thanks for the info!

One Sick Mother


Yes, I looked at that search string and wondered if they just went to another site, or if maybe they read my piece and it made them think? I like to hope it was the latter but it was probably the former.


He is probably going through a gangling stage in his growth, I think some people grow from the extremities in. It is something to keep an eye on, but if he is not hypermobile and has no pain complaints, I wouldn't worry too much.

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