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January 10, 2009


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Lisa Moon

Maybe placebo, or maybe something that FINALLY helps?! Yay!

I vaguely can relate to your surpise in sensation. For me, there are the times when my nerves take a mini-break from freaking out, and when I stand, there is no pain, just for a brief while. And because I'm so used to such constant pain - varying levels, but always intense - to have short times where there is so little pain as to seem painless... the feel of my foot hitting the floor, following through with a step, can be thrilling, exciting and also scary; scary because it's so wonderful, but I cannot shake the feeling of impending horrible pain that is sure to come - the shoe that inevitably drops.

Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy some more 'normal' sensation and are free from seizures. I just had a little read about the Florinef and is has some interesting effects and, oddly/interestingly, some of the potential side-effects sound like (to my limited knowledge of your situation) they might actually be beneficial!?! (with the glycemic management).

I'll be hoping really hard that it's a great treatment helper for you. And that you have some other wonderful news to share very soon.

Rob Trimarco

Keep taking that medicine!!!

Queen Slug

Placebo or not, who cares. Any break in the fits is probably a good thing.


I can remember when I first started walking in the hosp. room after my TC surgery (you remember that, right?) and I could feel things with my feet, how wonderful and strange that felt! And for me, it has lasted. How I also recall that odd, foggy feeling on the soles of the feet!!

I agree with Lisa Moon, too. I have rare moments when I feel "normal." Usually, they happen about once a year and last from an hour to half a day.
Today, after taking MS Contin last night, I marveled at feeling this good when I wake up. This is not the norm! Sadly, for me, the MSC doesn't work like that night after only works like that once after I'd taken a drug holiday from it for a couple of weeks...

neat post, makes me glad to hear it!~


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