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January 12, 2009


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Lisa Moon

Ahh, yes, I have some of those feelings, too. OK, so I have never bought a house, but in terms of, say, volunteering time (now that I have a disabling disorder which is unpredictable in its day to day severity) is a bit sticky. Or a lot sticky.

Especially when someone particular is asking for help, when I, myself, sometimes REALLY need help, too!

It's a daily effort for me right now to keep on making the choices that are healthy for me, whether or not they are convenient for others or what they want to hear, etc. It's hard, sometimes VERY hard. When you have a 'carer' personality, you tend to not care for yourself as you should - and I can see now, most especially when one is newly in need of more care than they have required ever before.


As usual, a great post! You sound a lot like me. No kids in my case but I've moved a lot, was anxious about buying a house, and have generalized fear of social/community commitments. I've managed to get through the house commitment ok but it is the latter type I have a very difficult time with as an EDSer. I just can't predict when I'm going to feel crappy! I've basically withdrawn from most of my social relationships except for a few friends who seem to understand and/or are flexible. These are my true friends; the others can just bugger off if they can't handle my ups and downs(easier said than done to let them go on my part - heartbreaking).
Thanks for sharing!

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