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January 24, 2009


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When you have been working through health issues for as long as you have , you can't blame yourself for giving things a go to try an make life better and easier. Okay, it didn't work out but there is nothing wrong with trying to 'stretch yourself'every now and then. The result this time just goes on the list headed 'Things that didn't work' rather than 'Things that worked'. Don't be so hard on yourself! Hope that today is better


I agree with Sue. This was just a little bounce outside the court. You figured out what you had done wrong, and you are back on game now. Considering how long people usually wait at the ER, you probably took care of the problem in the same amount of time it would have taken to be seen, and certainly in less time than if you had actually been admitted.

Queen Slug

Potatoes are an easy food to add in & get extra potassium. Low potassium does feel icky, so do get that level back up before hitting the gym again. <3

Lisa Moon

Bananas for potassium! Organic ones actually have *flavour*, if you care for them... or artichokes, broccoli, tomatoes, Brazil nuts, peanuts, avocado, mangos, oranges and salmon all offer good levels of potassium.

But more importantly, I think you're right to be concerned with self-diagnostics but as was mentioned, you may have spent hours trying to get less information than you were able to find on your own. Since doctors have almost no training in nutrition, they're not likely to think of potassium levels or the like when you come in but, as you say, start messing with your meds. By the way, have you found if the med itself affects nutrient levels? Many meds can, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on that.

Hopefully with a doctor smart enough to look at these things with you!

One Sick Mother

Sorry all for being so slow to answer comments. Joe has been sick this week, and I have been struggling a bit myself.

Yanub and Sue,

I have been second-guessing my decision not to go to the ER. Yes it would have been a PITA, but had I gone, and my potassium was low, I would have the bloodwork results -actual numbers- to show to the endo and cardiologist when I see them. Now I just have a story about me being stupid enough to make myself sick and risk getting sicker. Oh well. too late now.

QS and Lisa,

I have stocked up on a fair quantity of potassium-rich foods. The supplements seem to be very poor -only 3% on the RDA in one horse capsule, so food is the way to go.

Unfortunately, Grace keeps nicking the bananas and Joe has covetous eyes on the avacados -he is sick right now so not eating much. But he can covet like a champ!

But all's fair in sickness and health (or something). I am nicking his Gatorade....

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