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January 13, 2009


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Lisa Moon

I can relate to children pushing boundaries and my own boundary exploration in light of my newly acquired disabled status (I do SO relate to the uncertainty of what each day or *hour* will bring being an unknown), I find it hard to imagine how it would be to NOT push this boundary!

I mean, REALLY, for you it's about eating a bloody meal like a 'normal' person (please excuse the phrase). I can't imagine the will it must take to not eat when you're hungry - though I can also imagine that, say, having seizures and/or passing out to be a rather strong deterrent... still, the instinctive urge to eat must be so overwhelming at times.

Anyway, I'm simply THRILLED to hear you were able to EAT A MEAL and not suffer those dreadful consequences. YAY! I hope this will continue quite happily for you. :)

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