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January 29, 2009


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You didn't have to be aspie to think it's BS by the sounds of things! Kids are so straight forward about over the top performances these days.They don't get so caught up in things like our generation did.Sounds like she needs a stylist to capture that market.I wonder what the NT kids thought about it? My guess is probably the same as Grace but she was the only one prepared to say it out loud :)

One Sick Mother

That is very true. I will have to ask Grace what her NT friends thought of it.


OSM, Grace's reaction to Rainbow Lady puts me in mind of Tim Minchin's poem, Storm. There's a voice recording of it up at You Tube, if you're interested.

Lisa Moon

LOL! Sometimes people don't realise that kids can not only be literal, but not into being SOLD something!

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