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January 28, 2009


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Yes, you are so right. I think that we are the very first generation to question the authority or knowledge of doctors. They are not the god like beings of my mother's generation.

Lisa Moon

Sorry for the late comments... I'm just a "wee" bit behind in my readings...

Anyway, UGH! And I agree with Sue; we're the first generation to question the Almighty Doctor/God types, the first to have (gasp!) knowledge and the first to maybe have even heard of things which said Doctors/Gods have not!

I give you another example: I have CRPS. I have been told this by 3 different specialists, but my own GP first suggested it as a possibility - she'd had wrist surgery and beforehand, the surgeon explained it was possible for it to occur, but it would not be the surgery's failing...

Anyway, despite THREE expert, specialist opinions, workers' comp has decided (they don't have the diagnoses yet, but when I verbally informed the case manager, she said but the doc THEY would send me to is THE expert on our island; read= he's the one WE pay to say you DON'T have this).

See, I'm "lucky" and/or do not have some of the extreme-looking, objective signs to PROVE I have this. I have, however, undergone every kind of test to rule everything else out AND seen 3 specialists who deal with this syndrome and felt confident enough to diagnose me.

The point? Likely this 'independent' doctor will 'examine' me (likely look at each leg, feel for temperature differences with his HAND, and not see it purple/black and decide I do NOT have this disoder, period). Why? Because you have to tick boxes in each of several categories for workers' comp to agree that you have this syndrome. Otherwise, you don't.

Oh, don't worry; I'll fight it. Like everything else.

But now back to the Damn Rules you've encountered: while I can't comment on the first from personal experience, though it sounds typically moronic to me!
But I can comment on the ASD and eye-contact thing; o.m.g. I'm so tired of seeing that criteria! I've worked with PLENTY of people who can make eye-contact and so on - who DEFINITELY are 'on the spectrum!' Further, I know a lot of adults who are certain they are, too, but have learned how they're supposed to respond, etc!


Ah yes ... the Absolute Nonsense of diagnostics!


Quirky Mom

My sister, one of your readers, pointed me to your blog, and I LOVE this post. As a statistics nerd, as a female Aspie who may have EDS, and as a mother... This is wonderful! I think I'm going to link this sucker on my blog. Thanks for writing this!!


Add my compliments on an excellent post.

JoyMama at Elvis Sighthings has you linked this morning.


Thanks OSM for this fine, fine post, and to Barbara for doing what I'd forgotten to do and letting you know that I'd used it! :-)

I love the connectedness of the blogosphere...

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