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January 08, 2009


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That's interesting. My daughter is another "heavy drinker." She can easily plow through a pitcher or more of iced tea all by herself. Staff at restaurants we frequent will just put a pitcher on the table rather than try to keep up with her empty glass. I'll have to point this entry out to her. Maybe she has a similar hormonal disruption.

One Sick Mother


That *is* interesting. I don't think aldosterone is commonly tested. It was only tested in me because a recent CT scan showed a mass on one of my adrenal glands.

It might be worth looking into.

Carleen Ibrahim

Ok, this is downright interesting! I, too, am constantly thirsty and drink all the time. I've been tested multiple times for diabetes with negative results every time. At my last visit with the dentist, he commented that I have a chronic dry mouth that is causing tooth decay at the gum line. I see the neurologist on the 20th and will definitely ask her about testing aldosterone.

Queen Slug

It's interesting. I hope this produces some good results that are sustainable.

One Sick Mother


You may need an endocrinologist to do the testing and to read the results. Aldo. is apparently one of those that is different at different times of the day and also in relation to your body poition. That is why the endo wanted me go in the morning and to stand for 30 minutes before the blood draw; -to raise the aldo as high as it would go. It got to 2 (of a possible 28).



I hope you don't mind me tagging you ;)



I have POTS and mine went to 64 when I stood for an hour during some tests at Vandy. Beforehand it was 5. Hope the Florinef ends up working out for you.

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