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February 02, 2009


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Honestly, you have far more patience than I could ever muster! When my daughter would go into the endless loop of the whys and wherefores of whatever it was she needed to do, I often resorted to the "Because I'm the mom, and I said so" routine. You know, that line we all swore we would never use on our own kids, LOL!

I have a cat that is especially difficult to medicate but because she is a Persian with a very squished face, she gets URIs at least two or three times a year. I've found that the best way to get her to cooperate with me long enough to squirt the antibiotic into her mouth is to keep a special treat handy -- a treat that she gets only after taking medication. I give her the treat immediately after she swallows the medication to help wash away the taste. Not that I'm comparing a child to a cat, but maybe you could bribe Joe with something like I bribe Maggie?

Lisa Moon

Well, not sure, but if there was a way to teach blind trust, would you want to do the work to UNdo it later/when necessary?!

Carleen: I agree about patience; our kids surely give us this in spades.
I had to laugh at your cat medication description; my friends have an elderly dog, also named Maggie! She gets meds for her arthritis and has decided the former method of putting the pill into a piece of weiner is not going to fool her - she spits out the pill now and gobbles the weiner! And wants more!
Now they've realised that she will eat it if they coat in in Cheez Whiz; she's never had that before and we guess she thinks that's how Cheez Whiz tastes - cheesey and cruncy! It's working so far...

Say, OSM: does Joe like Cheez Whiz? LOL (please tell me you got my twisted humour here!) {grins}

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