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February 21, 2009


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Quirky Mom

Hey, thanks for your detailed answer to my question! It really helps me to understand the various ways this process has worked for different kids.

Lisa Moon

As the mom of one who 'sorta' was diagnosed with ADHD ("If he has it, it's very mild. Come back and see me if you want to try medication" was what the pediatrician who was 'the guy' to ask at the time said, almost verbatim - the last part was because I had already stated my reluctance to medicate him). There were so many external things going on around my boy, and his school environment - led by an intolerant jerk of a principal (who I found out later had an estranged daughter with schizophrenia - seems he was one of those 'can't see it, don't believe it, just give 'em more discipline types, despite it clearly not working with his own adult kid!).

ANYWAY, as you said, waaay to long to write about. Perhaps sometime I'll write about it in my own blog... where we live, only kids with an Autism Dx get treatment; every other kid just gets pushed drugs to make school work... I always wondered why, if school was the only thing not working, they hadn't started working to change schools?

(I guess all 5 & 6 year olds should be willing to sit for long periods of time while listening to a story being read to them, instead of moving about, investigating things. Well, according to kindergarten.)

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