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February 06, 2009


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Queen Slug

Being a sick mom sucks, doesn't it. I can't even count the amount of times my daughter has been too tired to walk & wants to be picked up & I have to tell her no, because I can't. Being a sick mom means you have to disappoint your kids, you can't do what all the other moms do. I could vent & cry on this for hours, hell days.

I hope you can get a bp gadget & get a nice bp going. <3


OSM, I couldn't agree more! Hope you're feeling less sick soon. Sometimes that seems to be the best we can hope for. Be blessed my friend, Kim


OSM, I hope you are feeling a bit better. I'm sure that getting the blood pressure cuff isn't so important that it can't wait until you get over whatever is ailing you on top of the usual.

How sad that you had to miss Joe's school show. Was anyone able to record it for you?


You did the right thing staying home. It must be so frustrating for you. When your kids are older they will appreciate how many times you did pull up your 'Big Girl Pants' when it was near impossible to manage it, so that you could be with them as well as the times when you couldn't. You are demonstrating for them every day, that when life gets tough, you just keep on moving forward however you can, and never ever give up. So keep on going forward today just like you do every other. You can do it!

Lisa Moon

Yeah, I agree with the above, especially about how many times as moms we've HAD to pull up those "Big Girl Pants" - the other term I hear bandied about a LOT lately is to "Suck it up (with or without the following: Buttercup!)"

Um, yeah, I can say safely that every dang day I suck it up, usually WAY up and sometimes I just about suck up people near me in the process!

I'm sad that you had to miss Joe's show; if you were near, I'd have offered you my mobility scooter to take - easy to drive!

Yes, hopefully another parent was able to record it?

Oh, and IT TOTALLY BLOODY WELL SUCKS LARGE to be sick! All the time, every day! I cannot think of a good thing about if, for myself at least... unless it's learning/being forced to learn better self-advocacy skills. But really, those would have been better learnt (or more kindly learnt) while NOT sitting facing a firing squad, or so it feels like! I imagine you've felt similarly?

I hope you're feeling 1000x better ASAP, my dear.

Gentle, germ-free hugs!

One Sick Mother

Thanks everyone (inlcuding those who e-mailed me) for the support on this post. I try to be up-beat on this blog and not whiny and moany.

I did wonder what the reaction would be to my little moanfest. I wondered if people might berate me for whining? But people have been very supportive and have even lauded me for my honesty.

Thank you.

Just a few other points:

I did miss Joe's show. I had warned him that I might, so he was OK with it. He came home buzzing to tell me about it: "I wish you could have seen me, Mom" I wish so, too. Afterwards, I realized I could have sent Grace in with the videocamera and she or her teacher would have recorded it for me, but I wasn't so smart.

I got a BP monitor finally. My BP was like 90/62, so I raised the Florinef again.

My flu is finally getting better.

Thanks again for being here. It means a lot.


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