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February 21, 2009


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I know exactly what you mean about mint! I'm convinced that like cockroaches, mint will survive a nuclear holocaust! The guava tree in our front yard is planted in a circular bed with brick edging. I thought it would be cool to plant mint around the trunk of the tree so that the ground wouldn't look so bare. Mint now grows in various places throughout the entire yard. It's a good thing that we use it for cooking and tea, otherwise it might never get trimmed back.

Quirky Mom

Ouch! So far Apple has only had (3) elbow subluxations, aka nursemaid's elbow. We'll see where that leads us...

Lisa Moon

Oh, I wish I had some basil I could manage to not kill. Have mangled 3 or 4 plants I purchased alive with intent to keep them that way and have them prosper, providing me with a lovely source for fresh basil eating. Yum. Never happened. Perhaps I should try mint!

As for the too busy thing, my son has always been like that with eating; too busy playing to stop to eat. He's still like that and I see him suffer for it - low blood sugar moods or something - which he tends to never recognise. Sigh, still trying to educate before he's wanting to leave the nest... nooo! Not ready, lol.

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