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February 09, 2009


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Wait. You tried to exercise on an elliptical trainer? Those things scare the bezeezus out of me. Was the resistance easy to figure out and adjust (I'm assuming it is adjustable)? To me, they look like an invitation to an EDS accident, so I've never tried them.

The idea of a one-week or so camp for PT sorts of things is interesting. Maybe it would make for more useful, less stupid, PT.


I'm in. I need to drop 20 lbs. Difficult with the inactivity level and my metabolism slowing down with it.

virginia bennett

I think of the challenges facing those of us with neurological issues and losing weight every day. I think many are like me: I can't exercise, I can't even go for a walk, exercise (while I am this "unstable" - neck/head, not mentally!) just makes everything worse. ONe of the main goals for me to get the craniocervical fusion soon is that I can perhaps walk again...get some of those 'dorphies going again. Oh, it's been a long time since I've felt endorphins from a good workout, and how I'd love to "taste" those again!

Good thoughts, OSM!


Yes, as usual, you are exactly right. I now know how blessed I was to have good health all these years. I will never take it for granted again. I don't qualify for PT after my breast cancer surgery, but I will need help at the gym when I am allowed to try use my upper body and arm again in a few weeks. While not overweight,I've gained about 10 lbs. just from inactivity over the last month due to surgery and treatment side-effects. Also, I now have a whole new set of food-related restrictions and it's getting complicated, so a personal nutritionist would be great too. I hope NBC is listening!

Lisa Moon

Very interesting thought, OSM!

I've had hypothyroidism for around 12 years now; I realised something was wrong when 1) I caught some winter 'bug' that didn't go away - for like a month I was death on the bed then 2) after that, I began to none-too-slowly pile on weight. Not just 10 lbs over the winter from less exercise weight; no, it turned into 40 lbs in around, of, 4 months or so?! The weight it took me until my son was 3 to lose... ugh, the frustration! And then I was told it could be thyroid, but very unlikely for someone in their early to mid-twenties as I was. WRONG! VERY hypo (low) so medication thyroid replacement for me.

I was never able to lose more than 7-10 lbs, even after dental surgery, when I barely ate for nearly 2 weeks - and didn't seem to lose even half a pound! Bloody slow metabolism...

More recently, it was the injury which spurred my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), causing great restriction in my mobility. And just when I'd gotten to a place in my life where I'd become more active and had hope to slowly wear off some of those excess pounds..

Now I've got the dual aspect of fighting the very low metabolism, plus not being able to walk much/far - formerly my favourite form of exercise, too!

Also, I'm a vegetarian, so I know to be careful to get B vitamins, add supplements, and so on, but still would be wonderful to have a nutritionist and PT/OT... oh, wait! That's what I was going to get at the pain clinic before stupid workers' comp came along, trying to ruin it! Grr!

Hey, consider me for the TV thing! I could use it - and if there's prize money involved, gosh, that would sure help the old medical bills, eh?!

Queen Slug

Where do I send in my application? I'd go in a heartbeat.


I don't just mean for a 30 minute visit where she pulls plastic portions samples out of a drawer and doesn't listen when you say you eat less than that, but someone who actually listens and sees to be on-hand several times a week.

That is THE WORST. When that happens I swear I can hear my kitchen scale laughing from home.


Has anyone ever suggested a Gazelle to you? I have one, and it is the only exercise machine I have ever really been comfortable on. I have EDS and for me, an elliptical is asking for it - knee and ankle problems, as I naturally have a very long stride when moving quickly but a much shorter one when moving slowly, and it's just too hard to adjust!



Every time this show comes on I get pissed off, and think "What about me".
My version would be the biggest gimp.
Why should able bodied 20 somethings need a team of helpers to lose weight, and then win heaps of money and TV product endorsement gigs while everyone cheers and marvels. Big fucking deal.
If i could do any exercise (polio, postpolio, torn meniscus and severe arthritis in knee,other shit), and wasn't seriously allergic (from anaphylaxis through to angioedema) to most healthy foods (all fish, eggs, honey, tomatoes, eggplant, coconut, wheat and soy and some 10 others which only cause itching or abdominal pain)it would be really easy to be fit and healthy.
So, I don't get why they are heroes for having become morbidly obese (without contributing health issues) and then lost weight doing what they should have been doing all along.
Of course the show's insurers wouldn't allow anyone with real health or mobility issues.
For dietary issues, naturopaths are far ahead of doctors and dietitins, and I find very helpful (except for me - I just can't live on lentils and rice milk)

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