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February 20, 2009


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It is cruel for people in health related fields, especially, to do what you are so aptly calling the "slow no." They don't have the courage to say in the first place what they will really do, and expect that, due to health problems, the person making the request won't follow up so they can just let it drop.


Gawd, how I hate this kind of crap! Why is it so hard for people to say no immediately when they know they have no intention of following through on a falsely made promise? If you don't want to do something, just say so already and be done with it!

One Sick Mother

I'm glad you guys get where I'm coming from on this.



Yeah, people need to admit to themselves upfront what they're willing or not willing to do. They'd save themselves time too.

virginia bennett

Good topic, usual!!

Lisa Moon

Oooh, well said - I mean, just reading this I'm POed enough that I don't think I could have said it this clearly!

That doctor - what a wimp! As others have said, why didn't he just tell you in the first place?!

Cowardly and weak - no professionalism! :(

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