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March 08, 2009


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Exactly. I tried to report disability hate on youtube a few times, but nothing was done.


I concur. The idea that the internet is anonymous so like what you say when you are a little drunk, it doesn't count, when honestly, it is where the true faces are revealed. Why is there so much hate and why are people who wouldn't say it in daily life getting a charge, a thrill of excitement of being part of hate groups, of trash talking people who often can't respond, or are already extremely marginalized?

And why is Google so much more concerned that they froze my video to question if I had permission to use a song (I did), than the amazing amount of hate comments in the comment section including multiple comments promising rape if they ever found me because they knew I wasn't strong enough to resist. Well, I now know they priorities of Google and what they police, and it isn't hate. And it seems the same for Facebook and so many other large internet entities. Bah!

One Sick Mother


You are right, of course. Their priorities are nothing about ethics and all about avoiding litigation. Therefore they will allow rape threats against a disabled woman to stay. Google can out-lawyer you or me in court any day of the week. but they would shudder to take on the music companies...

It's horrible but true.


Wow, I joined the cause with you Paula, but had no idea it was so bad. Yicks.

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