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March 30, 2009


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Quirky Mom

Sending hugs for you and Joe. I hope the X-ray goes really, really, really smoothly. Would it help to get Joe some ice cream or something else special after?


Getting x-rays is an annoying part of our whacky hypermobile lifestyle. I don't like them, either. They generally end up being pointless wastes of time. And maybe that will actually cheer Joe up a bit--nothing is likely to be revealed, and he'll likely heal up as much as he's going to heal without any medical intervention at all.

Lisa Moon

Aww, poor Joe! I can picture this scenario all too clearly and I really felt for him - and you, mum - reading this!

I don't blame him for being 'anxious'! Geez, I was 'anxious' about seeing the doc for my first nerve block, and second, and neither of them happened yet, lol. Seriously, I'm several times his age and I'M nervous and anxious, ok?!

Let's hope it's something minor, which I'm off to read about now. :)

Lisa Moon

PS Good job, mum, for staying calm as possible and talking him out of the bathroom. Sure, we can use the little pen refill trick, but it's better if they can come out on their own, yes?


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