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April 02, 2009


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Quirky Mom

OMG this is LOL funny!!! LMAO!!! (I'm in an acronym mood today.)

One Sick Mother

hehehe Thanks QM. I had fun writing this, but I think I scared a few people....

Lisa Moon

Are you kidding (about the scared part)?! I know it was written a bit tongue in cheek, but honestly, I also think it's pretty damn accurate!

After meeting the guy who became my best friend a few years ago, and explaining my theories of the 'spread' of ASD and the like, and how it's not this DISEASE, IMHO, and how brilliant people like HIM were on that very spectrum... he now proudly gets it and talks to others about it!

Like, he's a professional 'nerd' - and I say that with gentle humour and respect. He sees so clearly how all the varied people in his department are also ASDers, too and he's spoken to others about it and they are agreeing - the people he works with, I mean!

BTW, these people are responsible for maintaining some very important computer systems for our provincial government; they are smart, capable and making great money, too! Some of them even have, like, girlfriends/boyfriends and so on. In fact, last weekend the lot of them went out and, gasp, had a social evening with chatting and some drinks, too! Sheesh, now they're like trying to act normal or something!


Go to You Tube and type in "autism spectrum seems out of control" to see ONE reason why the epidemic of autism exists: this is a HUGE problem rooted within the pervasive ignorance of the American Psychiatric Association, becuz they don't know what the heck autism really is. These experts don't have a clue. Thankfully, parents---such as the mom on You Tube who posts videos of her severely autistic son with self injury---people may get a better idea of the realities of autism, especially the most severe sides There is a spectrum but the spectrum has expanded into something unreal. YOU TUBE type in "autism spectrum seems out of control" This is an important video because the DSM-5 is due to change in the year 2013, and the APA wants to lump ALL these different disablities into ONE is pure nonsense, since these experts dont' seem to understand what autism is to begin with..they haven't even got that right. They diagnose people like Donna Williams, the author of Nobody Nowhere, when it turns out, the woman has a multiple personality disorder, that she herself reveals in the book that says she's autistic on the crazy is this? And dont' get me started on Jenny Mccarthy and her kid who was never autistic but had febrile seizures that caused developmental delays and then when he got seizure meds and ate some wheat free crackers...he was allegedly cured, no Jenny cured him, of his autism...oh boy folks, it's time to educate yourselves about real autism...everyone's got their hand in the autism industry and they RELY on your ignorance about what autism really is...educate yourselves because ignorance is NOT bliss

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