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April 18, 2009


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Quirky Mom

I'm dying to know. What was "that"?

One Sick Mother

I'm not sure exactly, but there was a snail involved. It wasn't hurt -I found it on the storm door later,


That made me laugh, with Linda's neice and nephew, since she loves frogs and slimy things and he is scared of them, it is somewhat reversed but generally yes. I think if the word "Nascar" is used or "decapitation" when they are a bit older (or RPG), that is it! Haha.

It is also the reason I keep asking Cheryl and Linda, "Why are men in charge again? Is it so they can funnel billions of dollars into sports and/or odd activities that only they watch?" (oh if you are a die hard football/foozball/horseshoe/basketball fan I am going to get bopped for that!)

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