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April 03, 2009


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Quirky Mom

Fascinating! Apple was born with slender hands/fingers and feet/toes! We got all the standard "piano player" jokes, of course. I also have long, slender fingers and relatively long, slim feet.

Huh, I had never put these things together.

BTW, your diagnosis is Type III, right? Hypermobility type?


I love that the turkey has 4 legs.

I have very long fingers and was always told I should play piano or flute (I sang in choir) and hypermobility but don't think I have EDS, just other connective tissue issues. I have friends who I think may have EDS though. It would be kind of weird to bring it up at random.

One Sick Mother


Yes, We have Type III (HEDS). Joe's hands are completely different to his sister's, BTW; the fingers are chubbier and more in proportion with him, but crooked-looking, due to extreme hypermobility. Grace's hands; -despite their almost alien-like appearance, are much less hypermobile than Joe's. (go figure)

yes. A four-legged smiling turkey (who is saying "gobble gobble gobble" -I cropped he picture). It rocks!

It might be worth checking EDS out for yourself; especially as it is genetic and you have kids. There is more to it than being stretchy with a bad heart.

Lori Foreman

you know, my hands are like that...and so are my little one's. we also have HEDS. i never would have put that together, myself...i just thought it was a family trait.

Lisa Moon

Gee, I hate it when I think I've commented on a blog post and then realise I read it and, in my head may have been working on a comment... which I apparently neglected to actually type and send. Ahem.

Love the turkey! That's interesting about the long, slim fingers. Made me try and think if my son was like that when he was little, because his feet are soooo long and narrow now and he has THE longest toes! They're like fingers - it's kinda creepy!

Also, he's taken to doing weird things like cracking his back rather loudly and I'm NOT at ALL sure that is safe or a good idea. Am thinking of taking him to the chiropractor I've seen (who is the only one I've ever seen who isn't all about getting you in as often as possible, plus he explains everything very thoroughly and in an easy to understand yet not condescending way...) to check this out. Wonder if a doctor might be also in order?

That might be less to do with connective tissues than something else, but when I realised that the answer to why my fingers seem to bend UP when I hold my hand out, palm down, is that the joints are likely hypermobile (thanks to Yanub who pointed me to the criteria for it).

But my fingers are shorter and kinda stubby/chubby, comparatively. In fact, the joints are quite large... and I remember 'spraining' them all the time when I was 9 or 10 when I was constantly playing tetherball... I thought it was the game, but wondered why everyone else didn't seem to have that constant 'sprain' thing going on.

Hmm! Very interesting to put together a few pieces of a puzzle after so many years!

Sorry to ramble once again on your posts - and it all started with Grace's awesome turkey!

I love how the turkey has quite a crown on his head!

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