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April 11, 2009


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Wow! That's some impressive investigative work, OSM. I know that there are flavonoid supplements sold in the nutrition supplement aisles. Why would Limbrel be any better than those? Makes me wonder. And makes me even more skeptical of the arguments to regulate supplements as drugs. What would be next? Groceries by prescription only?

"Cleansed of toxins"? I suppose if this expensive vitamin doesn't work, next up will be chelation. Or maybe high colonics.

Lisa Moon

So, how does this frug rate in terms of cost?

Some supplements are pricey, but I've never seen anything in the vitamin stores anywhere near the cost of the meds I take!

Yep, it's always about money, innit?

At any rate, frug or no, I really hope it works well for you. Would be lovely to have something helpful and without side effects {gasps} - does that exist?!

And I agree with Yanub (as I often seem to!): impressive investigative work!

Whee, colonics! What fun! Just haven't quite gotten myself that far yet (despite having delved into some interesting health practices myself...).

One Sick Mother


Yes, I do worry about the precedent being set here. I think the Limbrel guys would claim their product is superior because of their patented process. I wonder if one microscopically compared a flavonoid, which was extracted by a patented process against a regular flavonoid, would you see a difference?

Chelation as been mentioned already. #26 wanted to do it (for just $125 a session, three times per week). I declined.


Hehe you always get to the meaty question. Yes, it is expensive. 30 days's supply was either $72.78 or $97.78. I'm not sure if you add the co-pay or not.

I haven't explored the colonics route myself, although Himself hinted darkly yesterday that I might want to consider it -just to clear out those last toxins that might be lurking, so my family can resume a normal life. ;)


Well, one reason so little research has been done with foods and supplements is that there's just not the money for it, either from research grants or the cost of the "drug." That typically keeps supplements cheap but means that instead of prescribing bromelain (pineapple) or cherries for some types of arthritis, we pull out heavy duty drugs when sometimes though not always a simpler solution might help--we just don't know when there's not enough research.

Yeah, I can't think overdosing on Ensure or other products would be good either, but it probably would be exorbitantly expensive if by prescription.

That is one expensive food though not quite as bad as Enbrel. Urgh, being disabled is expensive.

Thanks for writing about this--some of my arthritis (knees) is suspected to be osteoarthritis in part.

Colonics can be dangerous--check the skeptic sites. If I have to (problems from pain medicine), I just drink magnesium citrate to clear out, which is what they give you before any scope.


Oi, didn't you use the word exude on lexulous? See, not all knowledge is a waste;)

One Sick Mother

Don't worry -no intention of every actually going through with something like that (no matter how much Himself might complain). I hate strangers touching me. I will only get a manicure under duress.

Probably. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to beat you and Stephen.



phyllis a. feuerstein

i began to lose my hair and itch all over after2 weks on limbre. isit possible that limbrel is the culprit?

One Sick Mother


I am not medically qualified, so I couldnt say. I think it might be possible, but you should really check with your doctor. You dont want to ignore any potential new symptoms because they coincided with starting the medication, you know?


Debi P

Have you tried taking folic acid - very cheap at Walmart. Two a day (about 1 mg)should help with stomach issues. Ask your Doc. I too, am frustrated with my insurance company. At first they paid for it because they had keyed it wrong at the pharmacy and it was long enough for me to know that Limbrel worked. So instead my Doc put me on prednisone (I have OA and RA)which gave me cataracts. I'm having surgery for those in the next 2 weeks. I guess they would rather pay for that than the pills. My pharmacy wanted $150 for a 30 day supply. I have a new Doctor now. She told me about folic acid, gave me samples and some numbers to call to get a reduced rate. We are looking into challenging the insurance company. Worked before.

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