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April 08, 2009


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Quirky Mom

What a mixed blessing kind of morning! I'm glad that your rheumy is setting you up with the testing, but sorry that you had the fit.

Lisa Moon

Whoa, that sounds like a very stressful, but then rewarding?? day!

YAY for the rheumy who has some freakin' resources and willingness to ACT!

I'll have my fingers crossed that you're able to get that testing done ASAP.

Ooh, just did a quick search to read a bit about Limbrel! That sounds really awesome! How freakin' cool that it's a 'medical food product' - something that's not going to cause it's weight in side-effects?! Yeehaw!

And that cardio's MOA? She can just get over herself; aren't your records your RIGHT to see? (Well, then again the rules might differ in the US/your state) but she could be a lot more helpful! Aiiee, the medical system; if what you have doesn't kill you, the people who shuffle you around in it WILL!

Hope you're feeling better already and that breakfast is still possible...


Hi. It's Julie. I've been thinking about you a lot lately... I get lost a lot while driving... or walking around the neighborhood, or mall, or going to the grocery store without a list. Here's to hoping you get some answers soon. I admire your tenacity and mental ability to push your Dr's when you know they are wrong. I hope you feel better today. Happy Easter!

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