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May 03, 2009


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Quirky Mom

Wow, thank you! And I agree, that honoured is just much more expressive than honored. I am honoured that you awarded this to me.


Thanks for the award, you sneak. Now I have to work up a new blogpost today. How will I live down to my blog title if I post regularly, I ask?

Bendy Girl

Wow, thank you so much! I'm just nursing a multiply dislocated hip after falling out of my wheelchair at a rugby tournament ~(really best not to ask!) so this is a lovely surprise, thank you:)


Thanks you for the award, I will try to come up with 10 but may go for 7 simply because it is prime and I get more excited with prime than binary, oh wait, you don't want 2 blogs, you actually want 7+3 blogs ("there are 10 people in this world, those who get binary and those who dont") - oh, an even greater challenge. Thank you again though, I am a little disturbed since that underwood number 5 is on fire and in my experience with MY underwood number 5, while it might break the desk, have the letters 'l' and 's' lock together, or have it sink a ship due to weight I have never had it burn - can it burn?

Katherine aka GFCF Mommy

Thank you for the award! I am honoured too!

David Byrden

Hi, P, it's David. I don't want to pee on your parade but, *ten* new recipients? After this happens eight times, all the blogs in the world could have a Premio Dardos Award!

The Goldfish

Thank you One Sick Mother, I too am honoured with a U! Sorry it took me a few days to thank you, but it's been a very busy week.

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