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May 01, 2009


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Send in your link if you haven't--Goldfish will include it! Mine was turned in late too--I was exhausted after helping my grandparents at court yesterday.


Great post, and I agree with reaching out to others.

Quirky Mom

This is beautiful. I am a depressive, and although I cannot claim to have ever had a severe depression, I know all too intimately of what you write.

I feel a need to quibble with one point, however, because I think it can be dangerous. You said that in depression, "There is no happiness in the world. it is like having your own personal Dementor, who follows you around everywhere you go, who thankfully, doesn't effect those with whom you come in contact."

I've known several people who failed to realize they were depressed for quite some time because they believed what you say to be true, when it isn't necessarily so. For some depressed people, it is that way. There truly is NO happiness. But for many of us, the happiness can still happen, it is just different... perhaps shallower, shorter-lived, easily replaced with all the other things that consume a depressed person. I just want to make sure that people know that they can be depressed even if they do experience bits of happiness here and there. (I know that I can be.)

John Folk-Williams

Thank you! You nailed this, and I appreciate your excellent to those who don't understand severe depression and just can't face those who have it. For me, it's been a lifelong struggle, and I'm happy to say that I believe it's finally over.

I've written about my experience over the past couple of years, and that has helped enormously. And my hope is that it has helped others.

Your empathy is remarkable. I'm so glad I discovered this site (through Twitter) and will get back often.


One Sick Mother

Thanks. I might amble over there, although I'm sure Goldfish is up to her dorsal fin in work right now.

Yes reaching out to others and accepting them for who they are is huge.

Thanks for the support.
Good point about that line. You are right. I changed it.

Thanks for the validation. It is always a bit scary to write about something you mainly know second-hand.

I am going to recommend your site to some of my friends, on who inspired me to write this piece. I am sure it will help them.

I am surpprised to learn you heard of OSM through Twitter, as I don't Tweet, I guess at least one of my readers does (thank you anonymous reader).



Oh, you have said what I could never manage to explain. Having spent years in the grip of depression, I would far rather face almost anything than depression. I've been mostly OK for the past 4 or 5 years, but the fallout from the years in depression continues to haunt me. I accept that it always will and that there is nothing to be done for what is past. I only wish that, for those who are going through now what I have been through already, that there was the sort of understanding you are showing here instead of the callousness that still largely prevails.

Quirky Mom, you are so right about not being completely joyless. Everyday, there were always things that made me glad. They were just small and the dark was big. Still, I was grateful for them.

Lucinda Bain

From someone who has suffered with depression I can say that everything you have written is so true and it does help a depressed person to realize that they are not the only one out there who is miserable. As you said, drugs don't help everyone, as I have tried most and have only gained weight, not happiness nor any feeling of wanting to actually *do* something productive. Those feelings of "why am I even here, I don't contribute to anyone's well being or life, in general, you feel so inadequate and useless. I have had the same instances of people saying, but, if you'll just once get started (whatever it is) you'll find that you fell so much better or... if you just get out of that house, you'll feel so much better...NOT !!!!

Thank you for your insightful post and God Bless You and all those who suffer with depression.

Lucinda (So. Illinois)
I also found a link on twitter to your post:
RT @ConquerMS One Sick Mother: Invisible Disabilities: Depression. This is a GREAT post8:44 AM May 2nd from TwitterFox


My dear friend! Thank you for this. Unfortunately I am a "moderate" depressive and yes you nailed it!!!

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