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May 23, 2009


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My great-grandmother had lilacs, hydrangea, and snapdragons that bloomed right outside the front door of her house in upstate NY. It was a profusion of color and delightful scents that I have often wanted to repeat at my own house, but we don't have a screened porch to enjoy it or a patch of grass anywhere near the front door. :(

One Sick Mother

We had a huge lilac tree in our backyard when I was growing up.

I was so excited to plant one in my own house because the scent reminds me of my childhood -specifically my mother. I call mine the 'lying lilac" because they *told* me in the store that it was white, but after I planted it and it bloomed (a year later) it was purple lilac. It still smells wonderful though, so I left it.


Just reading your 6 things brought a smile to my face, especially the lilacs and your sweet dog!

Lisa Moon

Haha! I accept... to find 6 people to pass it along to... hmm...

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