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June 27, 2009


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The Goldfish

This is entirely up to you, and you don't need to justify your choices to anyone. But since you ask, I would say that as your kids grow up, they will have to learn that there's a difference between the artist and great art; they'll like the work of writers, musicians and actors who go on behave shamefully (though hopefully nothing *that* bad). But they'll learn that doesn't (or shouldn't) stop you enjoying a persons' work.

The music in itself is not corrupting or harmful in any way (although some of it was pretty nauseating). And now the man can't personally benefit from the purchase of any records (although I really wouldn't let his heirs' financial position trouble you either way).

However, you certainly don't have any responsibility to introduce your kids to Jackson's music - whilst he did some great stuff and very very famous at one point, he wasn't the greatest musician that ever lived. You'll naturally introduce your kids to the music you like yourself and let them explore their own tastes later on.

I'm very sorry about what happened to you as a child, and the fact it got stirred up like that.


I really feel for you and am so sorry about what was done to you as a child. I saw Gary Glitter in my first ever concert, as a child, he had no real talent. MJ was a great artist/entertainer and he has made a great contribution to pop music. Although, his music is not to my taste. I find it hard to totally separate the music from the person. Pop stars are role models for young people and must be very careful about their public image.

I have read the witness statement, of the child who made allegations against MJ. It describes incredibly well the stages of a paedophile grooming a young victim. That raises concerns about MJ's OWN children, artificially produced, bought and paid for. I suspect he was actually a frustrated pre-op transsexual. He could'nt have the full sex change due to his fan base. MJ begot his two children, by artificial insemination, which suggests he could not perform sexually with an adult female. This raises suspicions about his sexuality. He then paid her, to leave him alone, to raise the children by himself. Photographic images of him and his children almost look like mother and child. If MJ actually was a paedophile then what damage he has done to his children?

But I do agree with The Goldfish his music is not sexual and he can't hurt anyone in that way. My concerns are for MJ's children, if only, that they were raised a by an immature, drug addicted and damaged lone parent. Hopefully that's all...


This is a tough call, but it's an issue a lot of people struggle with. Do you despise a good product when you despise the producer?

Wagner was a vicious anti-Semite, Jewish opera fans and performers probably have had a similar dilemma to yours. What do you do if you admire someone’s work, but think they were/are really evil in other ways?

Even Thomas Jefferson, who had a multitude of admirable qualities and did so many truly great things, was a slave holder. How evil is that, to purchase and own another human being? Treat people like they’re an object, just another possession. People are still fighting over how that should impact his legacy.

Like you, I also believe MJ was a monster. As I get older, I'm more and more horrified by how many people I know who were traumatized by an adult predator when they were a child. I'm so sorry you had to suffer for so many years with a monster of your own.

I was a fan of MJ's music, but that stopped during the first molestation trial. He settled a civil suit for multi-millions and then the criminal charges were dropped. Seemed pretty guilty to me.

I remember seeing that Bashir documentary with the last accuser, and being appalled by the way that little boy was seductively eye-shagging the camera like an amateur porn star. I thought it was pretty obvious something sexual was going on in his pre-pubescent life.

That poor, defenseless little boy had cancer and MJ still victimized him, consciously preyed on him. It's a relief MJ's no longer in a position to ruin people's lives with his selfishness.

That being said, I find myself being inconsistent about my boycotting. But you've given me a good way to look at things.

I won't go to a Woody Allen movie after reading Mia Farrow's book, I think he's a big fat perv. But, I’ve wondered why I don’t despise Charlie Chaplin in the same way. There's not as much detail but similar evidence he was guilty of the same thing as Woody Allen. It’s not really fair.

What you said about the villain being dead and not profiting makes sense, and is a good way to look at things, I think. And, nobody knows whether MJ can still enjoy his legacy, but you’re right, some innocent living people can benefit.

So if Joe and Grace ever show any interest in MJ, you could give them more info then and let them decide.

But since they haven't shown any interest in MJ, I would spend the energy introducing them to artists you prefer. . . You have gotten over that Michael Bolton obsession haven't you? I'd skip him.

One Sick Mother

Goldfish and Wynda,

I agree with you about separating the art from the artists. There were many freaks, bastards and weirdos who have made great art/music. If I was to apply a filter and select only the art of the virtuous, I would be pretty stuck for enjoyment. However, My kids bring Aspie, are not able to separate the two right now; and maybe they will never be able to do it. So for now, I am keeping them clear of people I know to be particularly nasty.


Hmmm pre-op transexual? I never thought about it like that, but it is a thought. And you got some unwitting validation of your opinion from an unusual source:

The other night Grace, unable to sleep, came downstairs while I was watching some MJ stuff on the telly. Her timing was perfect. They were showing that seminal 1983 performance from Motown25 where the Moonwalk made it's debut. Despite all I had said, I didn't change the channel. It was too good to deny her: "Watch this" I said to Grace. She watched for a few seconds.

"Who's that?" she asked.
"Michael Jackson"
"*That's* not Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson is a LADY".

Not a woman, mind you: A lady. (so *that's* the distinction!)

...and Wynda: No. I still keep a Michael Boulton poster behind my closet door and play his music in the car when I am alone

-Like I know *you* do with Kenny G... :P


i was also target of a child molester (n yes it went on for years, until I grew boobs and an ass). n yes my stedaddy did succeeded in raping me. but i believe that mj did not do anything like that. he loved his kids n his fam. his daddy took his child hood from him so talk what u no.2 me i thing u need to get some help so real help. because u have not forgive the man that did this to u. i no because i hate all men even mj this is y i am a bisexual because of my stepdaddy. n u need to do some with u time to me u r a hateful bitch to post something like this over the net. n yes u r tryin to start someing. my son is 2 years old n he has a gife n he nos who is good n bad. n he luvs mj. n all i have to say is that i'm paryin 4 u n ppl like u. u need to get a life as a matter of fact i am going to do something with my time because ppl like u r just hateful n i don't really care for ppl of ur kind. god be with u .

One Sick Mother


I was going to respond to your comment, but I can't do incoherent, vituperative rambling anywhere near as well as you. So you have me at a rare loss for words.

Go with God. Please.

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