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June 05, 2009


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It's really horrible and sad, and I feel for all the mothers who have already lost children this way, especially the brave ones who opened their family's secret in the hope that they could prevent future deaths of this kind.

One Sick Mother


Yes. That is something I failed to highlight: The vast majority of people who die this way are young: teenagers and young men, found hanging in closets or from trees. It is very tragic.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that there is a theory that some people may have a hyper-responsive cartoid sinus, which when squished, causes a sudden vasovagal response. Basically you faint, so there is no warning or anything -you just go out like a light and then strangle while unconscious.

Scroll down to Carotid sinus reflex death


Harold L Doherty

I was saddened to hear of David Carradine's death and again when some of the details began to surface. I watched the Kung Fu series when it was on and received all 3 seasons on disc recently as a gift. Enjoyed him again in Kill Bill.

All reports over the years indicate that he embraced the martial arts he was exposed to while acting in the "Kung Fu" series. It is unfortunate that he did not appear to have embraced more fully some of the great philosophy and wisdom of the Buddhist and Taoist traditions that were the context for the show.

One Sick Mother

Thanks for posting. Yes I remember we used to make a night of it when "Kung Fu" was on the telly. We would stay in with snacks and curse the phone if it rang.

I think that is the big disconnect: The fact that -to me (correctly or no), he was the face -almost the embodiment- of those Eastern values and traditions.

Looking back, that must have been a huge burden for him to bear.


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