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June 02, 2009


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Also, if anyone is in Cardiff, there is Company House, which is where all companies in the UK have to be registered, so regardless of the names, you can trace the companies to the original owner or person who filed them. I don't know if that will help you find out if this is all a big scam (yes!) or not but I think that it is a good way to gather clear evidence to present to the trading standards. Another option is to seek out the lawyers that are used by the black space in my brain - where people go when they want to find out stuff, like town counsel or help but run by volunteers - sorry, it is gone, I can see it, I can't name it - they will pursue with lawyers if needed, as many towns have lawyers (Bristol has several) with the offices - open to anyone, just come in and take a number - that these people are preying on you or have or are trying to take your money. They can tell you where to find good ways to take them down or take them down for you. I am sorry OSM, I really don't have the words in my head anymore. I will ask Linda and come back.

David Byrden

50 Canbury Park Road appears to be a crappy 50-year-old commercial building where you could rent an office for not very much money.
Or maybe just a mail collection box. I wonder if anybody at that address is leasing out mailboxes.

Wally Brown

I had ordered a natural polyp cure from them – I already placed the credit card order and then looked up the company name on the internet and found your website. How interesting!

They slip through any FDA procedures because the are herbal. They call it Colotab and you can search that name to get their web page up.

The processing is through CCNow and there was a way to cancel the order which I did, quoting your claim that the company is fraudulent. I am also contacting my credit card company to be sure it is cancelled. Thank you for the heads up!


Hi, I just posted on Part1, now having read II and III, I have a little more to offer perhaps. Firstly my particular "tab" was ganglitab - not original with their names are they?! On the email confirmation from CCNOW is this declaration - "These goods, technology or software were exported from the
United States in accordance with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations." So not from scandinavia then. I too cancelled through CCNOW giving the reason that I believed the company to be fraudulent. I then used the "contact us" facility to emphasise this. If I come up with anything else I'll post again.

One Sick Mother


Interesting! I wonder if the FDA agrees with OHS's little disclaimer statement?

Thanks for bring a new one to my attention. I had not heard of ganglitab, but it the ingredient list looked familiar and sure enough: It is identical in its components to hemorotab.

I guess if you have both ganglia and hemorrhoids, you could kill two birds with one (semi-precious) stone?

Seriously, if you have ganglion cysts,
-especially if they are painful, you should see a surgeon for the appropriate body part(s). I had a ganglion cyst in my wrist, which I lived with for 12 years, until one day, when Joe was 7 months old, I almost dropped him. My wrist just gave out. I had the wrist seen to by a hand surgeon. Turns out the ganglion cyst was like an iceberg. The visible lump was only about 7% of the actual cyst. The other 93% had insinuated itself through all the bones of my wrist. The surgeon said it was only a matter of time before I lost use of the hand altogether.

Before I sought surgical treatment, I was told all sorts of nonsense about the cyst, like it was "harmless" to "live with it" or to "hit it with a book" -told this by a board-certified MD! (...tried the latter. OUCH!).

Please do let me know if you get your money back.




I found their product through a comparison of alternative treatments sponsored by:
The Society for the Promotion of Alternative Health (SPAH)
Suite 401, 302 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, United Kingdom

Are they in on it?

Thank you. MAC Most Annoyed Customer

One Sick Mother


Yes. They are totally in on it.

Links to other scams are available under the "scams" section on the left-hand side of this blog.



I am sure that the Oslo address is completely fake. I know Youngstorget very well and there are many separate addresses on that square and no suites.

The name of the company and the address are almost certainly as fake as the products they sell.

One Sick Mother


Next time you pass the mail Boxes Etc on Youngstorget, wave to OHS from me. The "Suite No" is actually a PO box number.


joey king

I ordered the utirno tab- came in 3 weeks from Pakistan- I emailed them told them this is garbage, and that I am taking it to a lab, also the better business bureau, and the FDA. Got my cash back the next day. Pills will be checked in lab ASAP?



Did they just send the money back to you? I have just wrote to them about the rubbish they sent. Hoping for a reply soon.


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