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June 09, 2009


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Roanmom Jodi Picoult;)

Quirky Mom

That looks like quite a journey to enjoy.

Hey, are you on goodreads? I have a list of books I've read/am reading/want to read on there. It's handy. :) Although I haven't looked at it in a while...

One Sick Mother


Feck off!


No. No goodreads. I am on ...something. I forgot what. But I couldn't be arsed with a lot of that stuff, to be honest. If I want to discuss a book, I prefer to do it with someone I know and care about.

And the level I go into is "I liked it" or "I hated it" I couldn't be bothered analyzing what we think the author might be thinking. I'm sure the author had a therapist for that ;)



Interesting list you've got there, OSM! You've inspired me to create a list of my own for the summer. Even though I've read lots and lots of the great books -- that happens when you teaching English and Comparative Literature -- there are still more than enough of them for me to make a decent list. I think I'll order them by author just to be different.


I really need to proofread before I click on that POST button -- "when you teaching. . ." ROFL!!


Hello from the UK. If it helps I am exactly the same with regard to achievable goals - I have EDS Hypermobility Type (formerly K/A Type III) so I guess the goalposts constantly move for me with regard to goals. Keep blogging you are an inspiration.

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