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June 21, 2009


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Quirky Mom

Awww, you didn't lie. It WAS okay at that moment. You were taking away her pain, and that is more than okay -- that is the best thing you could do for her.

The Goldfish

Really sorry for your loss. And as Quirky says, not a lie. She's no longer suffering. All the best to you and the family in the coming days and weeks.


There's no way around the guilty feeling that comes with the death of a pet. If you don't have them euthanized when the pain and illness overwhelm them and can't be treated, then they suffer for days. Either way, you will feel like a monster. If they slip out the door and bolt into traffic, you will berate yourself for being careless. If some vicious person or animal attacks them, you will weep at the horror and wonder why you couldn't protect them.

Blasted critters. Eat our food, destroy our sleep, ruin our stuff, make us wonder what we were thinking when we brought in that furball to begin with. And then break our hearts.


I am really sorry. Thanks for being there at the end, for being the voice she heard, the one that comforted her. She knew love all the way to the end. I am sorry for your loss, and your guilt. I think it falls under the 'It's not fair' catagory.


I'm sorry for your loss--the loss of a beloved pet is really difficult. They're with us all the time.


I apologize for missing this post on the day you posted it. More importantly, I am sorry for the hurt from losing your cat. If anything can assuage those feelings of guilt, it ought to be the knowledge that she lived a long and well-loved life.

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