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July 31, 2009


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Happy birthday to Joe! May all his practical birthday wishes come true, and a couple of the impractical ones, too.


On the sports front, the Amazing Egyptian Dude was a national bicycling champion before he became an ex-pat and recommends cycling quite highly. Of course there's the added benefit of using Lance Armstrong as a role model as well as cycling becoming a family activity. :)


I'm so glad that Joe knows these answers at such a young age. You've spared him years of hell fighting the wrong battles and punishing himself for losing, when in the context of his challenges, he's a winner.

Trust me on this one.

You are "One Good Mommy".

Lisa Moon

Ditto on the "One Good Mommy" comment! Fo shizzle, rofl!

Yes, and a happy belated to Joe! That's so neat to hear his wonderful growth. My own son really started to flourish in middle school and, by high school, armed with a few good friends, he was able to find his groove with other kids who are happily marching to their own drummers in various ways - alternative, punky, queer, artistic and compu-techie types. Most especially, individuals with good sense of self, as far as I can see. AND, bonus, these kids aren't into drinking or drugs - seems a miracle to me! Nope, their dope is found in animé and games like World of Warcraft, lol.

Not my idea of fun, but I'll take that over kids who think 'fun' + 'weekend' has to = getting loaded.

My rambly point was I wish for Joe to find a few good kids, just like Zac has. :)

BTW, Zac would LOVE Joe and I'd bet money that Joe would like Zac - kids have always flocked to him and vice versa! Sorry, I brag a tad; can you blame me? Heck, I brag about YOUR kids, too! :P

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