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July 06, 2009


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Quirky Mom

But did they ask how George is? ;) Maybe some day one of your doctors will call about the cat. Then it will all make sense.

One Sick Mother


HA! Too true!

However, I spoke to #25 today (the ER peeps told me I should call to let him know I have been here) and he didn't ask after George at all...

So no sense to be had at all.


never got to tell you my vet pet story, had my princess at the vet every two weeks for two months (very costly) ear infection, when i felt i couldn't take another visit I sent himself with her as I felt maybe possibly the vet needed the funds and I was the sucker !!! anyway infection gone no more appointments, i was so happy when they got home I was hugging my princess and telling her how great it was she didn't have to go anymore and how great it was i didn't have to clean her ears everynight just once a week, next thing you know the paw went up and she started limping around the house, I couldn't believe what i was seeing I swear she was giving it her all, it lasted 10 minutes. What a chancer.

One Sick Mother

Great story! It gives the term "attention hound" a whole new meaning...


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